The Bar

At the end of the day, all we have is our integrity. We do not compromise on the standards that we have set. We want only the cleanest, most wholesome food for our family and for your family too.

There are only three sets of people involved in our Meat Done Right℠: our farmer/rancher partners, our processors and us. That’s it—there are no middlemen and no distributors.

We believe in 100% transparency from the family farm to your family’s table. Our labeling is clear and concise. For every cut of meat, you always will know the name of the farmer/rancher as well as the processor.

Our Standards

Our minimum standards for all of the animals and poultry that provide us with our Meat Done Right℠ are as follows:

  • No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used on the pastures.
  • No animals or poultry are subjected to unnatural confinement.
  • No hormones, growth promotants or routine antibiotics are administered.
  • No animal byproducts are added to any feeds.
  • Animals are humanely raised and humanely harvested.

In addition to meeting these minimum standards, the following species-specific standards are observed:

Beef, Lamb and Bison

All beef, lamb and bison are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. The animals are never fed any grains.


The pigs are raised on pasture and are allowed to forage for much of their food. The pigs are never housed on concrete, and no farrowing crates are ever used. Feed supplements contain no soy, no GMOs, no animal by-products and no ractopamine.

Chicken, Turkey and Duck

The birds are raised on pasture and are allowed to forage for much of their food. Feed supplements contain no GMOs and no animal by-products.

Our Responsibilities

Our responsibilities are wide and varied in bringing you clean food. Our primary responsibility is to verify that our farmer/rancher partners are meeting our standards. To this end, we visit each of our producer’s farms/ranches on a regular basis. We look at the growing conditions and the condition of the animals. For pigs and poultry that are given feed supplements, we verify the source and components of the feed. We look in barns and outbuildings to verify that no chemicals are present and no chemical spraying or spreading apparatus are on site.

We also visit our processor partners on a regular basis. Humane treatment and harvesting is paramount. We make sure that the proper care and respect is shown to the animals and poultry on the farm, in transit and at harvest. The processors we select are either Certified Humane or are committed to utilizing humane practices and are in close proximity to our farms. This is especially important because less time on the road means less stress for the animals and better meat for you.