The Quest

A little over a generation ago, small American farms fed the world. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

Today finding transparent sources of clean food is a difficult and oftentimes overwhelming endeavor. Most people do not have the time or wherewithal to tackle this very important task. At Meat Done Right℠, we do the searching for you. It is our mission to find likeminded farmers and ranchers who share our passion for humanely-raised, clean food and to bring their artisan products to you.

Our hunt for clean sustainable food has been quite an adventure. While seeking out new farms in north Florida, we oftentimes spent nights at an old farm house on a 400-acre ranch. Lots of unfamiliar and scary noises punctuated the night. From the barking of herd dogs to the eerie howls of the coyotes, we learned to sleep with one eye open!

Our initial travels took us up the state of Florida to Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina, but soon our quest for clean food took us even farther north. In early 2016, in the aftermath of the biggest blizzard to strike the upper Atlantic Seaboard in many years, we made a trip to Maryland and Pennsylvania to seek out more likeminded farmers. During this trip, we stayed with an Amish dairy farmer and his family. Up before dawn to milk the cows, we watched as even the youngest of the farm family helped with the chores. It was such a special treat to enjoy raw milk—straight from the cow—steaming in the frigid early morning air.

We believe in supporting sustainable small family farms across America. Since we started our journey, we have met numerous farmers and ranchers. Our search has taken us from Florida, throughout the southeast, up the Atlantic seaboard, through Maryland to Amish Pennsylvania and the surrounding countryside. We also have farmer partners in the great plains of the Dakotas and as far west as northern California and Oregon.

To date we procure meat–done right–and other fresh products from more than fifteen small family farms. All of our farmers and ranchers produce clean sustainable food which we bring directly to you.